Water Between Three Hands

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of visiting the Schauspielhaus Frankfurt and of watching a dance performance titled ‘Water Between Three Hands’ which was part of the Dance On Ensemble by  artistic director and dancer, Christopher Roman.

As I walked up the stairs leading to the theatre room, I couldn’t help but notice all the smartly dressed men in expensive suits and the women in high-heels carrying expensive handbags who were chatting away as they waited for the bell that signaled the start. Going to the theatre is a classy affair here in Frankfurt but there was an air of sophistication about this event that was different from the other times I had visited the theatre. I would later learn that the performance had a special meaning. Continue reading “Water Between Three Hands”

4 Unexpected Things That Happened in July

As we usher in the month of August, one can only hope that we learned one or two things in the month of July like, which habits we need to get rid of moving forward, which parts of our lifestyles we need to work on and in which areas we did great!

Here are a few of the lessons I learned in July: Continue reading “4 Unexpected Things That Happened in July”

The Never Ending Journey

I once watched a video of an insect that was running around within a circle that was drawn on a piece of paper using a black pen. It was unable to break free from the circle!!

For the longest time I just couldn’t bring myself to write because everything hadn’t gone according to plan. Isn’t that the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard?… Instead of making new plans I just felt stuck!! It is ridiculous how the limits that we build in our minds, no matter how imaginary, can seem so real and stop us from living our lives and discovering all that we can be. Continue reading “The Never Ending Journey”



We learn best when we are actively involved and at the science center in Frankfurt, they heed the famous words spoken by Benjamin Franklin with to the letter. As promised, this is going to be a post about my visit to Experimenta, on Saturday, 27th February.

The Science Center was celebrating its fifth birthday that Saturday and as a result, entrance was free of charge. There are around 120 exhibitions at the center, all of which are interactive and as the name suggests, they explain certain concepts of Maths and Science in a fun way. Continue reading “Experimenta”

February Memories

Yesterday was my one month anniversary as a blogger and I decided it is time to take pause, take stock and give myself a pat on the back.😀
Sometimes, it is easy to forget to congratulate ourselves. The road to success is no walk in the park and it is important to take time to celebrate ourselves along the way. Throw yourself a little party if you have to, bake a cake (for those who love baking like me), or pour yourself a glass of wine. Find ways and things you can do to honour your SELF! As we start the month of March, I hope you choose to consciously and actively celebrate you! You made it this far. Take a mental photograph of all that you have achieved and accomplished. Continue reading “February Memories”